Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Love Beyond Desire By Rakhi Verma

The blurb:

Love Beyond Desire is a unique love story. It’s about a girl who falls in love with her best friend, Arman when she is in school. It’s a story of long-lost lovers who finally meet after nine years, and their love is still strong as it was before. It’s a story with hope, passion, emotional confusion, emotional outburst, fun, mystery, happiness, admiration, love and desire, along with beautiful poems and songs to keep you entertained.

Rhia knows that love is not being together forever, but it is to remember the moments together forever. Keeping this in mind, Rhia moves ahead in her life by managing personal and work life.

It’s been nine years since Arman left her, and Rhia manages her life just fine with a dream job and her own place, finally free from family drama. She turned her life and took control of it, but the only part of her life that she couldn’t control was love. She couldn’t love anyone because she is heartbroken. As she had found and lost her love on the same day, and when Arman left her forever without even a goodbye, but with just two letters both addressed to her, one ‘To My Best Friend’ and other ‘To My Girlfriend’ and a ring, which she still holds as a reminder – a proof of broken love.

Rhia and her friends are enjoying the wedding celebration at Mumbai’s luxurious hotel. Everything is great, and everyone is enjoying it until she sees Arman. He steps through the gate after long nine years along with his 3-year-old son, leaving her shocked and speechless. They are about to spend three days together under the same roof, and she is all worried, angry and pleased, again all at the same time. She wants to know why he left without a goodbye; it’s all she wants to know.
So, will she finally get answers? Will Arman finally say why he left her, and why he kissed her if he was about to leave?

The story:

Rhia and Arman are best friends. They had been together as BFFs from Junior KG until their last school day, when he told her that he loved her and on the same evening he left her without even a goodbye, but only left 2 letters and a ring, that was 9 years back. In 9 years at alot has changed in Rhia's life but she still couldn't love anyone as she was still in love with Arman even after all these years.

So the story begins showing how her life takes turn when she sees Arman after 9 years walking through the gates with his 3 year old son. And the story continues with flash backs of past and other emotional journey.

Click on the link to read the book to find out what happens if your lost lover shows up after 9 years:

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