Heroes of Wars By Virat Pawar

The Blurb: 

Inspired by the greatest epic, the world has ever known comes the dystopian sci-fi thriller “Heroes of Wars”. Where a God from the past travels to the future, to ask for a favor from its own final incarnation. Summoning 5 Super Warriors from the future, to win a war that could forever change the course of history.

A War against 100 Princes;
A War against Adharma.

It is the beginning of a war; anachronistic-technology against the primitive. Primitive beings who know more than fighting with just weapons..

The Story:

After the Great War, Kison felt like he just lost, seeing the death that took over after of the War, This was not something he was looking forward too, so he took a decision that will change everything. Being a God have its own merits like along with the strength he also knew everything, from the past that already happened to the future where things will happen, from the start of the universe to the end of it. Kison had to do something to save mankind from this reality, he knew the consequences but still, a tough decision was made to change the course of action. Kison does time travel and requests from Kalki the 5 greatest Heroes from her time to travel back in time with him and fight the wars.

Yudhraj, Arjun, Bheem, Nakul & Deva are the Heroes of wars, who got the mission to travel back in time without knowing the details, to fight against the 100 Princes. So a fight against the time, an era of advance technologies against an era of God and Demon, Will it be a fair fight? Will the future change and a new timeline be created that even God has not seen it? Will they win the war? 

My Take: 

The names of the characters are changed but you can still relate them to it from Mahabharat. The author has described everything in a very detailed explanation. Once I received the book, I was curious about the way the author will write about the future tech and about God. To my surprise, everything is well written and the images in between the chapters help you a lot to imagine the Bulky Bheem or the Heroes of the Wars. The story-line is simple and interesting at the same time. Nowhere along the chapters, I felt bored or uninterested; From start till the very end, it had my all attention. The twist at the end is awesome and I like the way Author will continue in his next book. Can't wait to read the other book. Loved the concept and the ending. 

Overall, I loved reading the book and would definitely recommend others to read it, to witness the war between past and future. Will it Chance the course of Mankind? Click on the link to purchase the book Heroes: https://www.amazon.in/Heroes-Wars-Virat-Vilas-Pawar/dp/9388942086


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