Where Love was Sinful by Chirasree Bose.

The Story:

A tangled love on the battlefield of sinners… Maya: I’ve arrived in Delhi to meet my husband’s family after six months of our wedding. But what should have been a celebration turns catastrophic and people begin to die. Has it got anything to do with my secret? Shaaman: I love my wife, Maya, and God knows I have tried to be what she likes. But as I step into this house, my maternal grandfather’s house, I can feel the demon in me waking. I need help. But…what if it’s too late? Aahil: Maya. She always called me a mystery. And so I am. The mystery that started it all. The mystery that will end it all. Sparing none, not even her. Witness the most gruesome game of love, greed, revenge, power, betrayal, and hate in a tale full of sinners, a tale where love was sinful.

My Take:

Are you a fan of thriller books with mysterious events, or a book that unlocks a secret that will rattle you and give you strange relief when the truth is finally out?

Where Love was Sinful, written by Chirasree Bose, is a book for you that is mysterious and secretive both in a right way that kept me hooked till the end. This is the second book I have read written by the author Chirasree, and as I read, a fresh wave of memory passed through me of how the author has a unique sense of humour and writing style, which I was impressed by from the 1st book itself.

The highlight of the book is that each and every character is defined perfectly. The timing and the placement of the side characters are what impressed me the most. Also, the interesting thing is throughout the book, you will feel different genres that are unique on their own. The lucid language and the smooth flow of the storyline are simply amazing and must say the characters kept me on my toes.

Overall, a trailer story that is exquisite, and mysterious, that has phenomenal twists and turns. So click here and read now highly recommended and a best seller book Where Love was Sinful written by Chirasree Bose.


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