SAMUDRAN: The Extraordinary Journey of an Ordinary Man by A R. Vikram.

The Blurb:

Making moral choices is hard enough even with religion or family as a navigating guide. But what if you had neither?

Samudran, aka Sammy, is a twenty-three-year-old photographer. He is also an abused orphan, and an atheist to boot. A highly unorthodox and independent thinker, he accepts a last-minute assignment to work at a tiny remote island for a small scientific team planning to study the island's unique flora with amazing dietary and medicinal properties. Sure, there are several risks that come with the project, but what does he care? After all, he has completely sworn off such mundane things as family and marriage and life purpose, and has no ties binding him to anything. That is, until he meets.....

Seventeen years old. Or maybe eighteen. Beautiful, sweet, and naïve. Both burdened and blessed with her own unique past, she also happens to be the daughter of one of the tribal chiefs. In spite of his strong views against love and marriage, Sammy falls madly in love with her, but knows that there are several obstacles to overcome. But then he is met with the biggest challenge of all, in the form of.....

A Betrayal
Sammy and his teammates discover a heinous plot by one of their own, who is in cahoots with a powerful and greedy corporation to sell out the island and its trusting tribes. But exposing the evildoer's plot turns out to be not as easy as they hope. And when their best-laid plans go awry, Sammy is forced to go into hiding on the island.

Faced with an extremely tight time constraint, it is now up to Sammy to try and save the island and its tribes. Will the young maverick prove himself up to the task? Will the friendships and relationships he has forged along the way help him in this highly risky endeavor? Will he be able to win Meila and save her people before time runs out?

Find out in this heartwarming tale about humanity, bravery, friendship, brotherhood, and love.

My Take: Samudran The Extraordinary Journey of an Ordinary Man is a debut novel written by the author A R. Vikram and it's a story that will not only touch your heart but will also leave an unforgettable impression. 

The book starts with a thrilling prologue which set the mood for the rest of the book perfectly. As the story started, it felt like the author has done a great deal of research while writing this book, as the details were finely described. The characters, places, surroundings, drama, situations, love, friendship, betrayal, suspense, and every emotion was defined as a perfectionist. 

The book has an easy flow with lucid language, trapping our minds in the book. The book is not a short/quick read, I read it in intervals and trust me when I say this, even when I was not reading, I was actually thinking about the story, what will happen next and the thing that already happened. 

Truly addictive and can't wait to read more future books written by the author A R. Vikram.

Overall a unique book with a sensational storyline. So click here and read now and be amazed by the book SAMUDRAN: The Extraordinary Journey of an Ordinary Man written by A R. Vikram.


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