When the Light Goes Out by Lisa Myers.

About the Book:

As the expert in mental health, psychiatrist Dr Lisa Myers has always been expected to have the answers to help her traumatised clients. However, her professional knowledge and tools did not fully prepare her for when her life was upended by an act of unimaginable violence, which plunged her into a spiral of grief and trauma-management.

In this deeply intimate narrative, Lisa takes us on an illuminating journey through her own life-changing loss. She reflects on her upbringing, relationships and roles which shaped her ability to cope and come to terms with her tragedy.

This courageous memoir reveals how emotional and psychological suffering show up for everyone in different ways and encourages us to seek help when the light goes out. As an impassioned advocate for mental health, Lisa neutralises the shame and stigma by sharing her personal and professional insights for moving through trauma.

My Take:

Have you ever wondered how exactly anxiety and trauma affect some people? How doing even small regular chores can be a trigger point?

When the light goes out is a book written by Dr. Lisa, who has shared her personal and inspiring story that will surely inspire you, she is a professional that has shown her side of life that we never thought of.

The book contains the emotional personal journey of the author and her expert tools to deal with trauma and grief. The book also covers a brief about trauma, anxiety, vulnerability, and self-control, and is also fully motivational.

It’s an untold story of a mental health professional and her life experiences. Everyone is a survivor. This book is written beautifully and with perfect balance. At times I found myself so lost in the book that it seemed I was part of the story as well. Truly a captivating and compelling story. If you ask someone or know someone with trauma or depression, then you must definitely recommend this book, it is written in lucid language and will help you heal.

Walking a path of life with trauma, and completing the journey of life is not easy and dealing with others’ experiences as psychiatrists is something just indebted. The below quote from the book is something that touched my heart and I'm sure I will always remember this.

There is no quick fix to the struggles we face. Life is a series of hard and dark times. I hope this book offers a small light along your path because where there is light there is Hope.

Overall a sensitive and inspiring book. So Click here and read now When the light goes out written by Dr. Lisa Mayers


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