The Following by Harshada Pathare.

The Blurb:

Everything seems ordinary in Kalki’s life. Working as a freelancer and living with her mother, the only thing that makes Kalki’s life extraordinary is her relationship with her high-profile, billionaire boyfriend. Until, one day, her world is tipped upside down and she starts to see ghosts, and discovers that she possesses the supernatural ability to heal the dead.

In this thrilling paranormal romance novel, you are welcome to enter a world of ghosts, soothsayers, saints, and paranormal occurrences as Kalki journeys to unravel the truth about life and death.

Is Kalki prepared to fulfil her destiny and discover her true purpose?

Will she find the answers she so desperately seeks?

In The Following, join Kalki as she travels to the mystic land of Kashi to find out how to uninstall her superpowers and live a common life.

My Take: 

Did you read the burb? Did it grab your attention?

As I read the synopsis, in an instant I knew this book in going to be phenomenal.

The following is the first book I have read written by the author Harshada Pathare and I’m simply amazed at the skilled penmanship.

As the book started, I was on sitting on my toes, waiting for a bang starting and I will say the author did not disappoint me, the book indeed is as great as it sounds.

The highlight of the book is the smooth flow of the story, from horror to drama, from spiritual to fictional the link between suspense and mystery is just beyond compare. Every chapter has a well-calculated scene that made the ending perfect. Also, the best part is the way the author has written this book in lucid language along with emotions, I was so completely lost in reading that I got Goosebumps throughout the book.

Overall highly recommended. So what will you do if you discover that you possess the supernatural ability to heal the dead? So click here and read now the book, The Following written by Harshada Pathare.


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