Monday, November 28, 2022

The A.E.C.: A Supernatural Love Story by S N Sippy.

About Story:

Do you wish you could turn back time and be young again, fall in love and do the things you always wanted to do? It can be arranged – just speak to the A.E.C.But as with any negotiation, there’s some give and take. So read the contract carefully before you sign your life away.

My Take:

Does your first love still haunt you? The memories, the grieves, the love, the reason it could have been different. Did you ever wonder, if you could wish to go back and change things?

Well, the author S N Sippy has answered our wishes and has given us a unique taste of supernatural reality that I can’t seem to get enough of in the book The A.E.C.: A Supernatural Love Story.

The story has a unique storyline. Also, even though we know it’s a fiction story, the interesting part is it felt really like it did happen and we can also choose this if we want, which still gives me chills and goosebumps. I like the small timely details and emotions which made me connect to the book. 

The highlight of the book is the characters and the storyline, the story is a short read and has the potential for the second book to be more fantastic and we could read more. Can’t wait to read other books written by the author S N Sippy.

Overall, it’s a story that you have never read before, highly recommended. So click here and read now, a love story with a supernatural twist and turns in the book The A.E.C.: A Supernatural Love Story by S N Sippy. 

More About the Story:

The story revolves around Ed, (Edward Garcia) a retired wealthy New York Banker, who is divorced and estranged from his only child, a daughter, who has never forgiven him for splitting up the family, Ed leads a lonely life mostly watching TV and drowning his sorrows in whisky, wishing he could somehow turn back time and make things right again. 

Most of all, Ed so desperately wants to gain back the love and admiration of his daughter, who now lives in London and hasn't seen her Dad for a very long time. Ed’s chance encounter with a mysterious young lady has made it possible to realize Ed's fantasy of going back in time but he has to sign this unusual contract with a strange being called The AEC. 

Will Ed agree to this contract, was the encounter with Maya, the mysterious lady a chance one, who is The AEC, and will Ed find happiness and the re-union with his daughter, do find out in this Novella, The AEC.

Click here and read now, a love story with a supernatural twist and turns in the book The A.E.C.: A Supernatural Love Story by S N Sippy. 

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