The Keepers of Lightning Brain by Cliff Ratza.

The Keepers of Lightning Brain by Cliff Ratza.
About Book

“Get set for the best ever up-close and in-person tour of the Grand Canyon.”

Those words spoken by Hud Haller are the first line of chapter one. Minutes later, a two-helicopter collision plummets him and everyone aboard to their deaths. Now there is only one member of Electra Kittner’s “Keepers Group” still alive: Su-Lin Song Chou, who is ninety-plus and in failing health. She hasn’t a clue what to do to keep the memory or hope alive for Electra. But one entity does: Indira, the Singularity Electra created.

Follow the suspense-filled action as Indira activates four novice Keepers who get to know themselves and each other better as they embark on an astounding rescue mission for which they understand little and even less about potentially deadly consequences. But if they are successful, not only will they bring Electra back but each will reach an epiphany that may point the way forward. Are they successful? Please read on to find out!

My Take:

The Keepers of Lightning Brain by Cliff Ratza is not only a captivating adventure novel but also showcases the author's eye for small details. 

The writing style is descriptive, painting vivid pictures of the characters and their surroundings. The author's attention to detail brings the story to life and immerses the reader in the world of the novel.

From the opening chapter, the author sets the scene with rich descriptions of the Grand Canyon and the helicopter tour that tragically ends in a collision. As the story progresses, the author continues to highlight the small things that make the story more engaging, such as the Keepers' unique abilities and their individual quirks.

The characters are well-crafted and distinct, each with their own personalities and backstories. Ratza's eye for small details is especially evident in the way he develops each character, giving readers a sense of their innermost thoughts and feelings.

The book is well-written and captivating, with its fast-paced action and well-developed characters. The author does an excellent job of creating a sense of tension and mystery as the novice Keepers try to unravel the clues and solve the problems they encounter along the way. 

The story is full of unexpected twists and turns, which keep the reader engaged and guessing until the very end. The writing style is descriptive, immersive, and engaging, making it a must-read for anyone who appreciates a well-crafted story.

Overall a masterfully written adventure novel that showcases the author's eye for small things. Click here and read now The Keepers of Lightning Brain written by Cliff Ratza. 


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