The 9PM Debate by Vivek Chandran

About Book:

Another gang rape rocked Mumbai city. This was becoming commonplace. Came with the statutory accompaniment - a TV debate, one where the same questions were asked, the same wasted emotions put on public display, and where not-so-shockingly, the end result ended up being uncannily similar - served absolutely no purpose.

Radhika Verma, ABTV's most recognisable face and India's premier TV journalist, watched an entire country go through yet another fruitless cathartic exercise. A more relevant and purposeful conversation, one that could be an agent of change would have better served the cause. Radhika grappled with what that could be. What would it take to delve deep into the malaise and understand what drives the perpetrators to commit such a crime? What's it like to walk in the shoes of the victim on her long trek towards justice? What's a debate that could speak to solutions and get buy-in from the people in power? What would shock the system into action?

Radhika stunned her team with the idea of hosting a debate with the two sets of people most relevant to the topic of sexual assault - the rapist and the victim. She invited the gang rapists from a recent Mumbai local train rape incident and their 21-year-old victim. The rapists accepted. The victim declined.

An entire nation geared for the debate of the century. Would Radhika be able to deliver with her radical lineup? Could a conversation unleash a revolution?

My Take:

The 9PM Debate written by Vivek Chandran is a bold and thought-provoking book that tackles the issue of sexual assault and violence against women in India. 

The story centers around Radhika Verma, a journalist who is frustrated with the usual TV debates that seem to accomplish little in terms of effecting real change. Radhika is determined to explore a more meaningful approach to addressing the issue and comes up with the radical idea of hosting a debate between the rapists and the victim of a recent gang rape incident in Mumbai.

Chandran's book skillfully navigates the complexities of sexual assault and victimhood, as well as delving into the psychology of the perpetrators and the societal attitudes that enable such crimes to occur. 

The characters in the book are well-developed and the story is fast-paced, making for an engaging and thought-provoking read. 

The book raises important questions about the role of the media, laws and law enforcement, and the importance of changing societal attitudes towards women.

The author's innovative approach challenges readers to question their own beliefs and biases, making this a compelling and relevant book. Highly recommended.

Overall a must and a compelling read. Do you want to know why the issue of sexual assault in India and the need for change? Then click here and read now The 9PM Debate written by Vivek Chandran. 


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