Friday, October 21, 2022

Time of the day by Sumant Barooah.

About Book:

As you flow out of your sleeping slumber, reacting to the alarm, mother’s call or admonition or the internal clock asserting the need to wake up, unrelated to the ‘time of the day’ you tend to clutch onto your pillow and wander to lands or occasions, as to where you would ideally wish to be! That very moment with odour hanging in the air, of the place, the person, the time of the day or the season!

A wishful longing, you dig into your cushion of comfort, fleetingly travelling to your loved memory or imagination for the evanescent moment! Every ‘time of the day’ has a memory, sometimes wistful.

May take :

Time of the day is the new book that I have recently read and nothing is better than enjoying the book written by author Sumanth Barooah who is well known for his detailed writing and vivid imagination.

The book is a short read and has a collection of short stories that are based on different beautiful locations and different times of the day. I really liked the places the author used and has written with detailed descriptions which indeed took me to that place, and made me imagine as the story moved ahead.

A lucid and must-read book. I think in this busy world lengthy books take forever to get finished, and reading short stories written by Sumant, is my all-time favorite thing to do.

Overall must read and is highly recommended. Click here to read and feel the moment now in the book Time of the day written by Sumanth.

Click here to check out other books written by the author

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