Thursday, October 27, 2022

The Tribute King by Brandon Hill.

 About Book: 

For the desert tribes, the only abundant source of water aside from the holdings of their mortal enemies in the north, is the subterranean Gray Lands, inhabited by the half-serpent Naga, to whom the tribes pay annual tribute for use of the precious resource. But every two centuries, the Right of Flesh is invoked: the provision of human mates for the Naga. The Law of Tribute is sacrosanct, and those who make the trip to the Gray Lands are never seen again.

Special exception has been made for the spoiled Prince Voran of Fire Mountain. Prone to boorish recklessness and arrogance, a singular farce too far runs him afoul of his father, who exiles the foolish Prince from his opulent desert Citadel to the water-rich Gray Lands as part of the Flesh Tribute. Rather than a life sentence, his father brokers a deal with the Naga High King to a tenure of three years in that sunless kingdom as the husband of Salgani, the blind Naga High Princess. Trapped in a detestable situation, Voran is faced with the consequences of his wasted life, and the decisions that come with it. Will he hold on to his immaturity, or become the truly noble prince that he was meant to be, and find love with the shrewd princess, in time to save his world from a sleeping threat that his enemies, in their hatred, would use to destroy everything?

My Take: 

The Tribute King is the first book I have read written by the author Brandon Hill and it has felt me speechless and astonished at the same time. 

The story starts with the prologue, which I personally found helpful, as it gave us a quick backstory without a stretch and was perfectly written to capture the reader's attention, by the end of the prologue, I was curious and eager to begin the story. 
What will you do if you are the mischievous prince, the heir of the king, who sends you into distant land that not only seems alien but also has people who are half human and half snake; and expects you to marry their princess and maintain the honor. What will you do next?

The storyline is unique and something I have never read before. As the story moved ahead it becomes more intriguing and impressive. 

The highlight of the book apart from the storyline is the unique characters and the writing style of the author, the unique and memorable characters, and their personality blend perfectly in the story, the aura, and soul of every character was different yet it was described effortlessly. 

The author Brandon Hill is a skilled writer and you can see that in his writing, every chapter, every scene, every description, every dialogue, every feeling, every sentence, I could imagine everything as it was written with accuracy. At one point it also felt like I was watching a Tv series as it has a smooth flow and is easy to imagine. 

Also, I think this story has the potential to become a popular TV Series, I m sure it will become an instant hit and it already seems an award-winning story to me. 

Overall highly recommended. I m already a fan of the author. So click here and read now, a story that will blow your mind in the book The Tribute King written by Brandon Hill.

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