My Sleepless Nights: A Story of Victory over Insomnia by Manohar Grandhi.

The Blurb:

✓ Are you struggling with insomnia?
✓ Are you living in anxiety related to sleep?
✓ Are you developing a limiting belief in sleep?
✓ Are you fighting with your brain and feeling shame?
✓ Are you waiting to fall asleep time every night?
✓ Are you spending the entire day thinking about sleep?

Hey there! I am Manohar Grandhi I am a software engineer by profession and have struggled for more than a year with all the above points.

I have written this book after struggling with insomnia and having sought intensive consultation with IITian turned Psychologist, Speaker, and Coach Karthik.

In this book, I have shared my firsthand experiences, struggles, and wins that helped me to turn intrinsic motivation into sustained motivation for reversing insomnia.

The methods I suggest in this book are easy yet effective. It worked for me. It is also working for tons of people and it will work for you as well because it is backed by science. The method I suggest in the book in reversing anxiety/insomnia has been in practice for around 5000 years.

What will you get from this book?
1)Freedom from anxiety.
2)Peace of mind.
3)A process to get rid of anti-anxiety pills.

Here is my proposal–try the methods with an open mind and whole-hearted attempts, trust the process, and see the magical changes in your mind.

Imagine sleeping like a child without any worry, and not spending a single minute of the day being anxious about sleep.

My question to you is --Are you ready to transform your life?
If your answer is yes, then scroll up and click the Buy Now

My Take:

My Sleepless Nights: A Story of Victory over Insomnia is written by author & software engineer Manohar Grandhi and it's truly helpful and effective.

This book is about insomnia, a self-help book for anxieties & phobias in this book author has shared his experience of facing insomnia and has given us technique on how to deal with it.

I really liked how he has written in a flow and maintained the lucidness throughout the book. I found this book inspiring, the way the author has expressed his darkest night and how he wished to just sleep is just heart-touching. It's also incredible that the author has written this book to help out others who are suffering from the same issue.

The highlight of this book is the expressive and relatable flow of writing, which is soothing to read. The do’s and don’ts are impressive and truly helpful. Few stories shared as an example were cleverly used.

Overall a quick and effective book, so if you are having trouble sleeping and facing issues like anxiety for sleeping, then you don’t have to look for any other book just click here and read now the book My Sleepless Nights: A Story of Victory over Insomnia written by Manohar Grandhi.


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