Saturday, March 20, 2021

Beyond the horizon with You & Life written by Chandan Sarkar.

The Blurb & About Book:

"Some thoughts are kept inside mind,
A light drizzle of rain in the rooftop
Thunders are smiling here and there,
Some thoughts kept inside the clouds,
Will come out with rains,
Some unknown feelings….
Will flow for the first time."

This collection of poems can trigger your emotions, creating a series of abstract thoughts relating to our daily lives, sufferings, disappointments to inner-peace, and mindfulness. The secret thoughts which are heaped inside the mind, will come and flow out of you when you read through them.

My Take:

Beyond the horizon with You & Life is a debut and newly launched book written by poet Chandan Sarkar and this book will warm your heart.

This book has a collection of 33 heart-touching, full of compassion poetries. I have always loved reading poems and the book like this is what keeps me inspired, amazed and interested. Poet Chandan Sarkar has written each poem soulfully and with love. I liked that each poem touches some different levels of emotions and brings out memories of its own.

I really liked the blend of dept and simplicity of the poems. Everything is written in simple words yet the impact it has was much higher.

Some of the poems that I liked the most is:
1. Reach the sea
2.A Dream
3.Love in the dark
4.Inside your eyes
5.Love You

Overall a pleasant and emotionally beautiful collection of poems. So click here and read now Beyond the horizon with You & Life written by poet Chandan Sarkar.

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