Pseudo Ecotourism by Arnab Basu

My Take: 

Have you ever finished a book that left you completely inspired?

I just finished Pseudo Ecotourism by Arnab Basu, and I can’t recommend it enough! This a len gthy read is a true gem that effortlessly combines personal storytelling with a deep passion for wildlife.

The highlight of this book that I loved about is the journey from a hobbyist wildlife photographer to a passionate ecotourist, which is laid out with such authenticity and warmth. It’s truly incredible 

Authors' compassion for wildlife and the natural world shines through every page. The writing is exceptional, drawing you in and making you feel a part of his transformative adventure.

This book is unique because it’s not just about ecotourism; it’s about finding oneself through unexpected challenges and profound connections with nature. The life-changing lessons learned while capturing the beauty of Bengal Tigers are both touching and thought-provoking.

If you’re looking for a positive, engaging, and beautifully written read, this is a must-buy.!

Overall, it's a mesmerising read. Click here and get your copy today and dive into the inspiring world in the book Pseudo Ecotourism in the Shadow of the Bengal Tiger by Arnab Basu. 

It’s a must-read that you won’t regret picking up today!  

Happy reading. 


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