Author's Interview by Shirley Singh.

Author's Interview by Shirley Singh.
First, before we move forward with our Author's Interview, I would like to start with an introduction. 

1. Could you please introduce yourself to us?

Hello. I'm Shirley Singh. I'm a tot -a-robics teacher at a Nursery School in Pune since 21years. I'm also an entrepreneur. Started my own handmade Beauty Products business around 6 years ago..

2. Congratulations on your book. So what inspired you to write this book?

Thank you so much 😊

A few people suggested that I should write a book on how I've overcome so many challenges in my life and how I still manage to look good. One person has been after me to write since 2 years. So I finally decided to start in October 2023.

3. What is the book all about?

The Book is about alchemy. Converting negativity energy into positivity energy. About never giving up.

4. Why did you choose this genre for your book?

It's about what I've gone through in my life and how it can inspire people to never lose faith.

5. How much time did it take to complete this book?

7 months.

6. What makes your Book Special?


7. When is your second book coming?

Haven’t thought about it. 

8. While writing did you get any writer's block? What is the Tip that you will give others who are facing writer's block?

No, never experienced writer's block as I was writing from my heart.

The best tip I can offer is to just follow your heart and it will flow.

9. What are your other hobbies besides being a talented author?

So kind of you.

I love dancing, cooking, singing, snooker and of course gymming 🥰

10. Last but not the least, How did you feel, while giving this interview?

Feels great 😊

Thank you so much


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