Bowled, but Not Out: An Entertaining Family Drama by Ruchira Khanna.

The Blurb:

What's a girl to do when she wants to hit boundaries but life throws her beamers?

Saru expected her life to turn for the better when she found love and married. Instead, she kept getting deliberate yorkers from her mother-in-law. She hit a sixer when a baby arrived, but things got worse soon after. Her appeal to the umpire fell on deaf ears. Finally, she walked out of the stadium, and let go of the first love of her life.

Then she flew off to New York for her Masters.

Will Saru get a second chance at love and marriage and get to hit a century? Will her daughter ever form a relationship with her biological father?

Bowled, but Not Out is an entertaining family drama full of heart and thoughtful life lessons and will resonate with anyone fond of cricket.

My Take: 

Bowled, but Not Out: An Entertaining Family Drama is the new book written by Ruchira Khanna, and it's a book that will keep you entertained till the end. 

I really liked the storyline, it's unique and full of emotion. I found this book a quick read because of the lucid language that also kept me hooked to the book. 

The author Ruchira Khanna is a skilled and talented writer, I was also amazed that how deeply I felt connected to the book. 
Every aspect of this book is perfect, the bend of drama, love, friendship, family, motherhood, life, struggle, relationships, everything is described and expressed in detail.  

The highlight of this book is the way the author has maintained a smooth flow of the storyline, and as the story moved ahead the development of the characters and their personality is amazingly done. Also, I liked the dialogue exchanged between characters was intriguing.

Overall a perfect book for everyone, I will definitely recommend this book to all. So click here and read now the book Bowled, but Not Out: An Entertaining Family Drama written by Ruchira Khanna.


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