Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The Rage Within By Chandrayan Gupta

The Blurb: 

Aditya Gokhale and Radha Bose, now co-workers in the latter’s private detective agency, face the most daunting task in their careers so far – to track down the culprit in a 17-year old kidnapping turned murder. With Aditya’s depression causing him to become more unstable by the day, and Radha’s psyche coming perilously close to shattering due to the resurfacing of a past adversary, will the two be able to put their issues aside and rise to the occasion? Will their instability bring them closer together, or will their personal challenges prove too difficult to surmount?

The Story: 

This is the second book of the Author Chandrayan Gupta. Birth of a Duo is the first book and The Rage Within is the second book. The story is Detective fiction. A partnership of two depressed people solving crime cases.

My Take: 

Though this is the 2nd book, both the books stand alone and have their own twist and turn.  The most incredible work yet sad part of the book is when the author writes about the depression. It is written in such a manner that you will either end up crying (I certainly did) to help the character any way you can or you will end up thinking did the author go through all these? Well, I loved reading the second book and trust me if you are suspense and are a thriller fan, this book is perfect for you. The flow of the story is perfect and the wow factor is the ending. Sure we all do know,  in a crime-solving book the ends are the best part, and the book The Rage within certainly did not disappoint me. The book has a perfect balance of emotions, rage, shock, and revenge with a perfect ending and longing to read the next book already.

Overall loved the book will recommend all the suspense lover and crime fiction lover to read the book. Click on the link below and be a part of the crime solver team:

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