Thursday, January 23, 2020

Ballad of a Belle By Rahul Tushar


The Blurb: 

Smitten completely, love was all that Aarti desired as she stepped out of Panditpora, Sopore, a small town in Kashmir, with dreams of a glorious tomorrow in her eyes. She was ready to merge with varied colors that life had painted for her, surreal most of the time. With sprinkles of love and care from Priya, her leading light, the game changing journeys across various cities of the world strengthened her resolve to fight back every time fate besmirched her. Although, Priya helped Aarti wriggle out of decaying associations that had become possessive, self-centered and oppressive, could she teach Aarti all about life in a world full of envy, jealousy, greed and treachery?

The Story: 

The story is about a Kashmiri Girl Aarti who falls in love with Sanjiv and against everyone's will gets married to him. She never thought or imagined that love will bring such a cruel things in her life and after a traumatizing experience Aarti is left divorced and broken within a year of her marriage. Dilip a friend of Sanjiv and the person who helps Aarti to not only move to Delhi but to start a new life too, ends up falling in love with her. Aarti starts working and enrolls herself in self grooming classes where she finds Priya, her mentor who later becomes her best friend only to turn out to be something entirely different than what readers were initially made to believe.

The story is a journey of Aarti succeeding in her career to the downfall of her personal life. The story is described in 4 phased of Aarti’s life. One with Sanjiv, second with Dilip, third with Stan & finally with Arun. Each phase of her life is different from other yet feels similar. It’s not easy to live in a world where everyone wants to climb the ladder of success by pulling other down. So what will Aarti do? How did she manages to build a career after her divorce? How did she survive alone in Delhi after the tragic incident of her family in Kashmir? And is Priya really her friend, or she is just one of those people who takes advantage of an innocent girl?

My Take: 

Starting from the start the story is very interesting and is written in simple language and without any confusion. Though I have never been to Kashmir, the description, and the incident did touch my heart and I found myself sympathizing with Aarti and emotional about her life. The Journey of Aarti from a small village to becoming a Chairman of a company is not only heart touching but a bit sad too. Reading this book I found many emotion running in my head. Shock, Pain, Relief, Disbelieve, Hurt, Disappointed, and finally Happy but stunned too. 

The best thing about the book is the way author Rahul has described the work descriptions. In total Aarti does 3 jobs and all the 3 jobs are described in detail which I’m sure other reader will find helpful and knowledgeable, just like me. The book gives a strong vibe on work ethics and working hard and with dedication you can achieve anything. 

Over all I loved the book and can’t really wait to read the second book written by Rahul Tushar. So if you are looking for an interesting book with twists and turns and full of emotional upheavals click on the link to read the journey of Aarti:

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