Friday, January 24, 2020

Operation Maya: The future of warfare is here By Girish V

The Blurb:

A renowned scientist is requested to participate in a harmless sounding military project. He assembles a small team to achieve the cryptic goal and unwittingly, they unleash psychological hell on an unsuspecting population. After a lot of twists and turns, the sinister objective of the project is unveiled at last. Would it be too late to contain the damage? The fiction thriller is an attempt to highlight the chilling possibilities and eventualities of war in the modern, super-connected and technology driven world. It envisages the dawn of a terrifying age of Psyber (Psychological-Cyber) warfare where our own devices and institutions are turned against us.

The Story:

The story starts with the USA returned computer scientist Girish, who returned India to start up his own company and build a small team to do something interesting. After returning Girish met with Dr. Jacob a psychologist based out of Bengaluru and his childhood friend for a social visit. Via Jacob Girish met Prasad and Neha. Prasad a hacker, Neha a banking expert. And later he met Aditi an office secretary, whom Girish had fallen in love with. Aditi worked at a military office and recommended Girish to work for them. And after detailed information, Girish got a harmless military project where the only job was to run cyber tests via simulations and create a defensive and offensive approach for the treats from the future. Within months a team was created lead by Girish, with Dr. Jacob, Neha, Prasad, Major Rajeev & Vicky. After the project was completed, the earth shifted beneath Girish's feet and left him stunned and shocked to his core, the technology created was not only harmful to our country but to the world as well. So what will Girish do? Will he be able to disconnect the technology? How did he create such a terrifying weapon? Is it too late already to contain the destruction? 

My Take: 

Operation Maya: The future of warfare is here By Girish V is a story, of an age in the future of Psyber (Psychological-Cyber) warfare where it is shown that our own smart devices can be turned against us. I have always loved a suspense and thriller book with twists and turns, and this book Operation Maya didn't disappoint me. I liked every twist and turn and the logic used in writing this book is just outstanding. I like the details description of the Military and other background aspects which made it seem like a real base. The flow of the story that started from the end and then the beginning was the cleaver work to build the tension and eagerness to read the rest. I finished reading this book in a day. The ending of the book is worth reading and I just loved reading it.

Overall if you love thriller and suspense novels just like me then this is the best recommendation. Click on the link to read about the cyberattack that can change future warfare:

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