The Justice by Nikhil Khasnabish

The Blurb:

Ime Borah, who is Uddipan Saikia’s fiancée, is brutally raped at the foot of the hills, the abode of cursed souls and witches. The rapists plan to kill and make her a feast of jackals. But they fail to do so. She finally manages to escape from the hills. Unable to forget that she is a rape victim, she makes the hard decision to spend the rest of her life alone. But luck steps in to walk her to meet with the unexpected happening.

My take:
The Justice is Nikhil Khasnabish’s first book I have read. The story is about a girl who is struggling with herself and about the world at the same time because, just before her wedding, she gets raped. Heartbroken, confused, and shattered, she wants to share the truth with her soon-to-be husband, Uddipan Saikia. Whether he will accept her after knowing the truth gives her worries and tension. Will she find enough courage to share the pain? The question nags her.
It is a heart-touching story packed with suspense, surprise, emotions, and a hint of mystery that will sure get you to turn over the pages.
The book shows us how a woman’s world changes once she is raped. The situation compels her to watch everything around turn different along with every person's behavior and outlook.
Optimism is the message of this book. It will inspire confidence in a rape victim and motivate a young guy to look at her with humanity. I find this book very emotional and hopeful at the end. I like the ending of the story. The flow of emotions throughout the story is flawless. I admire the author’s writing skill and his good sense.
The lucid language of this novella makes it a quick read. There are many aspects that the author is trying to say like everyone is not the same, or the rape victims are indeed innocent, the rape scars take time to heal.
Overall, an emotional story, I hope you will enjoy reading this emotional and heart-touching story. So click here and read now the book The Justice by Nikhil Khasnabish written by the author.


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