The Different Bride by Charu Singh


The Blurb: 

It’s not everyday that we come across stories like that of Chandrika and Prakash. In a world where it’s not easy to be different, Chandrika does not carry her supposed ‘flaw’ as baggage. She instead lives a happy and cheerful life with clear and serious goals. She works hard towards getting into a top business school, to turn her dreams into reality. Despite her endearing nature, deep within her heart she truly believes that love is not for her. But one fine day, the love bell rings, thanks to Graham Bell!

Prakash works as a sales executive with an internet company. He has a strained relationship with his father because of his father’s rigid rules and rigorous expectations.

When the two meet by fateful design, it’s not just Chandrika’s beliefs that are set to change but her entire life!

The Different Bride is a love story of its own kind.

It will leave you feeling stronger about how love transcends all the barriers that may come in its way.

My Take:

The Different Bride is a debut novel written by Charu Singh, which is what unique and inspirational book

How easy it is to judge someone just by looking at them or passing a comment when we see something different. Before reading this book I never give much thought to how it would feel to be in the shoes of the person receiving those judgments/comments. This book is different than all the other books I have ever read, it’s not just a love story but also an inspirational book inspiring in so many ways. 

The story is about Chandrika and Prakash, their journey of life, and ending the book with a happy and rational note. 

The book contains the emotions like love, heartbreak, struggle, trauma, reality, OCPD, family, old society rules, taunts, staying strong at tough times, being patient when every other solution fails, believing in others, many of motivation aspects with the most mantra that is to accept ourselves first the we are; imperfect in our own unique way. 

This Touch my heart, The book took me around 3 to 4 days to finish and in the end, I just felt speechless. I liked the way the author switch narration between our characters at the right moments, which gave us the whole picture of both persons emotions and feelings at the same time.

My favorite part in the book is the promise that the author asks us to take at the beginning of the story, leaving us mysteriously and to which she explains at the very end along with an inspiring message which not only made me emotional but also made me cry.

Overall a simple yet powerful story that does not only revolves around love but also shows us The reality of a life of a person is different and what it takes to feel normal. So click here and read now to know How the bride is different then us In the book The Different Bride written by Charu Singh.


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