Teen Sey Chhey - Rewinding Bollywood by Bobby Ghatak.

The Blurb: 

The ‘Tragedian’ Dilip Kumar who amazed us as a ‘Prince’ and a ‘Bandit’.The onslaught of Bachchan vaporizing all. The collapse of the pedigreed ‘Star Sons’, a pirate who turned in to a ‘mogul’ and many such epoch moments that stand out to define Bollywood. Tracing events chronologically since the ‘Big3’-who later made way for the rise of a ‘Superstar’, followed by a ‘Phenomenon’, who had the industry eating out of his hands.

Read about Titans battling the pain of shocking failures and outbreaks of mediocrity. Actors and filmmakers alike, working up their way tenaciously where few found glory in an embracing Friday while some watched their destiny shredding away. In a world where only the toughest survive, many faded away as memories lying in catacombs of extinct theatres while some serenaded to finally reach the comfort of the multiplexes.

From Raj Kapoor to Ranveer Singh, ‘Teen Sey Chhey’ is your veritable window to peer into the joyous world of Hindi films.

My Take: 

Teen Sey Chhey - Rewinding Bollywood is the debut book of the author Bobby Ghatak and it's a book that will take you back in time and captive your mind with truth and facts. 

This is a perfect read for Bollywood lovers and I believe it is a perfect gift for your parents or loved ones as well. This book contains many facts and the true reality of Bollywood that most of us don't know, and the way the author Bobby Ghatak has written this book is just inspiring. 

The highlight of this book is the moment you think that you know this part and start reading normally, but then instantly you will be amazed as the author Bobby Ghatak will surprise you with something new. This book has it all from Raj Kapoor to Dilip Kumar, from three Khans to Raj kumar Rao, from most awaited Fridays to house full theaters, from movie Jagte Reho to Padmavat, from directors to actors, from never-ending dialogues to relieving the happiest moments of cinema, from big dreams to fame, from magical reality to mystery and pain, from the movies that lost in time to Blockbuster that still lives fresh in our mind and heart. This is a totally unique and creative book that is fall of amazing facts and never heard stories of people in Bollywood. 

The author Bobby Ghatak has no doubt done a thorough researched and skillfully penned this book. The best thing that I loved the most about this book is the accuracy and the detailed elaboration the stories of on the screen and behind as well. Also, the relationships between the actors, the back story, and struggle have given this book an emotional touch by the author Bobby Ghatak.  

Though this is not a quick read trust me it's fully entertaining and worth reading, as every time you read you will feel like you have been transferred in past.

Overall, a must-read and fully entertaining book. So click here and grab your copy now and relive the enchanting book on Bollywood, Teen Sey Chhey - Rewinding Bollywood written by Bobby Ghatak.


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