Himalayas: The Only Motor-Trek Across the Entire Mountain Range by Sumant Barooah.

The Blurb; 

An International motor journey across the whole Himalayan mountain range traversing foreign countries, covering over 14000 Kms in a grueling journey of 76 days. A first-hand account of the arduous journey criss-crossing Countries, Mountain Peaks, Passes, Forests, Rivers, and desolate roads, some infested with Terrorists.

And enjoying the company, the food, the festivals, the people, the Bazars, the comradery, the views, the season and the Boozing.

My Take:

Have you ever traveled to the Himalayas? If yes then this book will make you relive the experience again. OR if not then after reading this book you will definitely be compelled to go on your own trip. 

Himalayas: The Only Motor-Trek Across the Entire Mountain Range is the new book written by the author Sumant Barooah and it's an incredible book that I enjoyed reading. 

The book is like an amazing travel literature, where the author Sumant Barooah is describing the experiences of and places he visited and its experience.

The highlight of this book is the way the author has described each aspect of this book in detail and vivid manner. From Roads leading Himalayan range to criss crossing Countries. From the mountains to the river. From exotic foods to unique cultures. From a blissful journey to neverending memories. This book has it all. 

Author Sumant Barooah is a talented writer and had published many great books with fascinating genres. Click here to check out the other books written by the author and be ready to amaze yourself.  

Overall a quick read and full of life. I would definitely recommend others to read this book as well. So click here and read now the 76 days journey in the book Himalayas: The Only Motor-Trek Across the Entire Mountain Range written by the author Sumant Barooah.


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