Infinite Stars: Chronicles Book Two by Joe Pranaitis.

The Story:

It's the 29th century and the voyages of the starship Lionheart continue. This book covers the years 2858-2862 a period of five years where we see the Lionheart head deeper into the unknown systems and during the first two years they are pulled into a small civil war within the Pirate Republic. Later they run into a nebula that has the last remaining Grays in this universe before returning home. Once home they deal with the tensions between the Dragon Empire and the Cenlen Federation before being christened the flagship of the Judicial Overseers of the Galaxies and dealing with a colony civil war then falling into a S'Phere trap

My Take:

Infinite Stars: Chronicles Book Two is the second book in the Chronicles series written by the renowned author Joe Pranaitis and the book has the wildest timeline.

The book is once again amazingly written and is a gripping read. The idea of the future is mysterious and appealing at the same time. This book has done justice to us by showing us a universe like never before. This book Infinite Stars is a peek into the human race leaving many questions to ponder about the depths of the galaxy. Just like the 1st book, this too was written full of action dialogues,

I have not read many action-based books but I m sure this is my favorite for sure. Reading these books I admire the author and am impressed by his writing skills as writing an action into words is I believe the hardest thing to do and his words bring the action into life. It's really an imaginative book with galaxy and colonies beyond our imagination, the civilization that we all have the urge to see.

A lucid and remarkable book. The characters are flawlessly developed and the balanced storyline is just immaculate.

Did you ever read a book that made you forget all the stories you have ever read?

You must definitely read this amazing Sci-Fic series which I say again will make a great successful Tv series/ Movie.

Overall be prepared to get amazed, a must-read. So click here and read now Infinite Stars: Chronicles Book Two written by the author Joe Pranaitis.


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