Monday, May 17, 2021

Is Present Reality by Vipin Gupta.

About the Book:

Is Present Reality: The Super-science of the transcendental value investigates our reality as an entity who has the power to shape the present and be the light that affirms our presence in the eternal future. The transcendental value of the past is immanent within the present. The present becomes the subject of scientific investigation. The entity who conceived the scientifically investigable present is the super-scientific factor, whose reality transcends beyond the limits of science. An observer behaves as a mirror image of the present and uses the light of self-consciousness for illuminating the reality of the universe. Without the observer’s light, the present of the universe is dark matter. Once the observer services the sentient light force, the future of the observer is the black hole. As a manager of our reality, we have an option not to transform our sentient energy into a light force, behaving as if we are the white star source of light, for illuminating the reality of the universe. Instead, we may invest our energy for conceiving a different reality at any moment that thereafter constitutes the past. Such unique reality is scientifically observable in the present as the illuminated matter. The illuminated matter is a proportion of the present, which is the dark matter. Thus, if an observer observes the illuminated matter as the rope, it might as well be a body of atoms that eventually transforms into a body of cells. That body of cells may be the reality of a snake. What we observe and experience in the present is not necessarily the reality. This work reveals the blockages that limit our vision’s dimensionality and the solutions to be the reality that shapes the eternal present.

My Take:

The book Is Present Reality: The Super-Science of The Transcendental Value (Discovering the Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature) is the first book I have read that is written by the author Vipin Gupta and I m totally amazed by the concept of this book, which made me rethink about the way of looking at things.

This is very informative and the author had done a great deal of research for this book. I like that he has used many references from the past and given us the easy concept to remember them. 

The book is not a short read, but once you start, you will feel calm and mesmerized at the same time while reading it. 

The book contains 11 unique and intriguing chapters, from Introduction of Multidimensionality of ground reality to The grand Challenge of managing the present reality. From the primary solution for managing the present reality to the conclusion. Every aspect of this book is educative and inspiring. 

The highlight of this book is the impressive writing skills of the author, he has cleverly written everything in such a way that it seemed intriguing from the start till the end. Also, I cant wait to read other books written by the author Vipin Gupta, I m sure it will be equally amazing and informative. 

Overall its a book that will make you look at reality in a different way. I will definitely suggest others to read this as well. So click here and read now Is Present Reality by Vipin Gupta.

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Is Present Reality by Vipin Gupta.